History of the estate

The land at Cams Estate was registered to Earl Godwin in the Domesday Book entry of 1086.

By 1770 Cams Hall was owned by Brigadier General Carnac, the MP for Leominster, who commissioned a new mansion for the estate, the buyer was Peter Delmé. Cams Estate then remained in the Delmé family for a century.

In World War II, the estate was requisitioned by the Admiralty, who occupied the building until 1948. The structure was heavily damaged by the explosion of ammunition barges at Bedenham pier in Portsmouth Harbour which destroyed the roof and blew out all of the windows, leaving it a ruined shell. It was sold in 1951 but left to deteriorate, and fireplaces and roof leading were stolen.

It was bought by Strand Harbour Securities Ltd in 1991. A five year, £4 million restoration was completed in 1996 and the building and surrounding areas became available with business leases, as well as a golf course and a popular wedding venue.

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Cams Hall

Cams Estate is a picturesque and vibrant 220-acre business park on the outskirts of Southern Hampshire, within 1 mile of Junction 11 of the M27 between Southampton and Portsmouth.

Cams Hall Today

Since 2000, The Wilky Group has run Cams Hall as one of its Parallel Business Centres, which lease hi-tech workspace within restored historic mansions. Cams Hall is also licensed for a select number of weddings on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year (see www.parallelbusinesscentres.co.uk)

The adjoining Home Farm buildings on the Cams Estate have been converted to office use and there is also a golf course on land that was formerly part of the estate.